About Us

About Us


BOSTEKNIK has accomplished many firsts by implementing many projects with its 7 years of field experience and knowledge in automation systems in residences, hotels, villas, offices, public buildings and yachts.

With the advantages of following all the developments in the technology and automation systems sector closely, it aims to offer the best solution-oriented service in line with the demands of our valued customers, with quality products of world brands designed with superior technology.

BOSTEKNIK prefers solution partners that can be integrated, produce brand-independent flexible solutions and have a wide service network instead of closed solutions. Thus, we aim to offer sustainable solutions that will facilitate not only your day but also your future in every field needed without being dependent on time.

We offer the most suitable alternatives by using dynamic systems integrated with mobile services that you can easily access and manage with the innovative products and applications of leading brands that direct the sector to meet all your expectations with the technology developed by the globalizing age.