Hager as Turkey; provides expert solutions and service support for your electrical infrastructures in residential and commercial areas. Central offices located in Istanbul, in Turkey. 

As Berker in 2008. Key outlet and in the intelligent building industry, a premium to the market and commercial areas in Turkey, special design concept and high-quality services in this way they began to offer the Berker brand of being merged with Hager in 2010. Group success in the design of intelligent systems continues with a broader product range they do. Working on better products and innovative technologies that make your job easier, Hager can offer strong technical support and special solutions to your projects in our region.

Hager Turkey since 1955 in Blieskastel in Germany and is a member of the family company Hager Group. The Hager Group has a worldwide turnover of 2 billion Euros and more than 6% of it is invested in research and development.

Hager's solution and service diversity extends from energy distribution to cable management, from security systems to building automation. Products ranging from Intelligent Building Automation, Security Systems and Building Wiring Accessories represent the company's core business.

Hager Group, an independent family business founded in Blieskastel, Germany, is one of the industry's innovation leaders, with 11,500 employees and an annual turnover of 2.1 billion Euros. Its products and systems are produced in 22 different locations around the world and delivered to customers who rely on the Hager brand in more than 136 countries around the world.

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