Interra is a domestic company that develops software and hardware with its experienced R&D teams in the field of automation, produces solutions for today's and future technology and exports these products to 55 countries. It uses the highest quality components in each of its products, primarily targeting high quality standards. With this vision, Interra is a leader in priority local and surrounding markets and an important player in the global arena.

Interra Turkey in the field of intelligent building automation systems is one of the largest accredited and R & D centers. One of the most important reasons for this title is that it has already started to develop its solutions and products according to the technologies that will change in the next 30 years and the importance it attaches to sustainability.

With Interra KNX products, you can easily find the most suitable solutions for your residence, villa and commercial solutions. Interra invests in internationally integrated solutions such as KNX, IOT, Modbus, Bacnet instead of closed circuit solutions in all products it produces. The concept of sustainability passes right here.

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