With more than 40 years of experience in the sector and more than 90 offices around the world; Crestron, a leader in the automation systems it offers for home, office, school, hospital and hotels, turns technology into a lifestyle.

Crestron products can meet the needs of projects such as homes, offices and yachts very comfortably, as well as providing project-specific design solutions. Especially preferred in meeting room automation systems, Crestron enables the conference system, which is a requirement of the modern world and forms the core of modern meeting spaces, to be active wherever desired, as well as providing the highest quality and standard audio performance to users, managing this performance, hundreds of It also allows it to be spread and managed in different areas. While this provides easy access to many people, it also provides miraculous savings in terms of cost.

As a Crestron home automation systems in Turkey with complicated solutions sunuyor.tek thanks to a key Crestron lighting, curtains / blinds, you can check your heating and cooling system can easily create a mobile application design you want. 

Crestron CP3 and Crestron RMC3 processors, which can work in integration with Alarm, Camera, Sound and Video automation systems, can meet the needs of your project in the most accurate way, and you can easily make all your controls with the Crestron mobile application.

You can choose the movie you will watch or the music you will listen to while sitting on your sofa, you can adjust the lighting and temperature of your room, and even control your home's alarm system without getting up from your bed. With Creston, you can do anything you dream of, within the limitless possibilities. 

You can install the Crestron control application on your mobile devices while playing games; You can control it from your iPhone, iPad, laptop computers. Wherever you are and whatever you need, you can connect to that unit with Crestron.

Crestron products control many disciplines found in offices. A large part of the Crestron product tree, known for its special solutions for meeting rooms, is aimed at meeting office needs. It can operate many components in an integrated manner, from table sockets to conference calls, from audio systems in the rooms to video transmissions to displaying meeting plans on the panel.

You can control the audio and video presentations you prepare in the office, international video conferences, you can save energy with your lighting system that you can adjust according to daylight, thus you can consume electricity as much as you need and minimize the cost of all your organizations with the help of technology.

With its easy-to-use technology at school, Crestron offers unlimited opportunities to all teachers and educators with just one touch; You can present DVDs, share all presentations with a camera with hundreds of rooms from just one computer.

With the remote control, you can manage all classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms and auditoriums. You can adjust the light and temperature of all these units and control the usage time of the lamps.

Crestron, one of the first brands to come to mind when it comes to yacht automation, has the product capacity to meet all the needs of a boat in this field. You can control the security, lighting and music systems on the boats from Crestron Touch Panel, smart remote, tablet or phone. With Crestron Yacht Automation systems, you can start party scenarios with one click and reach the peak of entertainment.

All products in the Crestron product tree offer design and technology together. You can use Crestron products with high processor performance for many years.

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